Seeking financing

Seeking financing?

Israseed's Investors provides equity financing for start up early & late stage, capital development companies operating in the areas of the bio-tech, high-tech, cleantech, nanotech, pharmaceutical Industries, medical devices, security/defense, alternative/sustainable/renewable energy, communications.

Please follow our procedure

  • Step 1

Send the following information to

1. Executive Summary.
2. Power Point Presentation.
3. Business Plan including a detailed description and a financing plan

> Size of your market
> Amount already invested in the company if any
> Your project’s development stage
> Financing needs
> What do you offer to the investor

  • Step 2

Our team will study all the information provided and contact you if we believe that your plan meets our criteria. Several interviews between you and the Israseed team may be necessary before we can present your proposal to our investors.

We encourage you to download this form to see the information we used to evaluate new investment opportunities.

Notice: we only process applications sent by mail.

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