Israseed’s mission?
Israelis Entrepreneurs and Investors

1- Entrepreneurs looking for Funding?

Israseed's main interest is in Israelis companies that have breakthrough technologies, thus giving them an awesome advantage in their fields, and a chance to become a world leader in their sector.
Israseed Investor's have a preference for companies in the following fields: bio-tech, high-tech, cleantech, nanotech, pharmaceutical Industries, medical devices, security/defense, alternative energy, sustainable energy, renewable energy, communications.
Our investors are looking to invest in companies that answer a clear and defined need with a proven business model.
In order for us to evaluate your project, please send us an executive summary or a business plan at bp@israseed.com
If we believe that your plan meets our criteria, we will contact you in order to fully evaluate the investment opportunity.
We encourage you to download this form to see the information we used to evaluate new investment opportunities.

2- Investors looking for Investments?

Israseed aim to help Investors or Business Angels to find exciting investment opportunities in Israel.
We offer access to a network of business proposals. Our events offer you the chance to meet with entrepreneurs face to face.
Do you want to locate and contact entrepreneurs and businesses seeking funding?
Are you looking for investments opportunities in Israel?
Feel free to contact us at: contact@israseed.com
Looking forward to hearing from you

Notice: Entrepreneurs and business proposals available for start ups and investment opportunities based in Israel

Why invest in Israeli companies?

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