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Our Mission

  • Israseed’s mission is to help Israelis entrepreneurs throughout the process of raising capital.
  • Israseed aim to help Investors or Business Angels to find exciting investment opportunities in Israel.

Capital Investment (Venture Capital / Development Capital)

Israseed enjoys closed relationship with a diversity of investors venture capital funds, business angels, strategic buyers and high net worth families.
This type of financing covers all stages of development: start up early & late stage, capital development, expansion, organic and external growth... Our investors prefer to have a board seat.
The Israseed Team represents several years of financial experience. Strengthened by this experience and its unique contacts with players in the sector (private equity investors, business angels, corporate investors...) IsraSeed offers proven advantages to entrepreneurs.


At the beginning of any new mission, each part signs a success fee agreement that include a non disclosure agreement, which clearly defines the scope of this confidentiality and facilitates information exchange.
Our task is to collect and analyze the necessary information to carrying out our assignment, study Business sector, find the suitable Investor and initial contacts.


We don’t get paid until we get the job done.
Our services are remunerated upon company's receipt of funds from the Investor, or after the first investment by the Investor in the company.
Our fees are very competitive with the marketplace and indeed, are much more competitive when you consider that we do not charge a retainer.
Through our success fee agreement, Israseed stays a loyal partner focused on the favorable outcome of the mission.

A totally independent structure

Israseed is not associated with any bank and stands independently from any financial institution. IsraSeed is consequently absolutely free to act as we see fit to our clients best interest.

Seeking Financing?

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